Submit a Card to the Spamgelo Directory

To be considered for the Spamgelo Directory, fill out the submission form below.

  1. DO NOT MINT YOUR ASSET before we review it.
  2. In the form, include a link to the JPG, PNG, GIF, or MP4 file itself for review. Use Imgur, Google Drive, or Arweave, etc.
  3. The link you provide is for us to review your submission. Not the final mint.
  4. Please follow the Spamgelo Directory rules listed here.
  5. Submissions will be processed in the order we receive them.
  6. After submission ensure spamgelo [at] protonmail [dot] com is added to your “allowed-sender” list. Some of our emails go to “spam”, KEK!

Technical Requirements

  • Final submissions must include a 400×560 cover image (or ratio equivalent).
  • Alternative sizes will be considered. More info here.
  • Spamgelo recommends a 800×1120 card is included as a “HD image”.
  • Accepted image formats: JPG, PNG, Animated GIFs (up to 8MB limit).
  • Video cards (MP4) must be accompanied by a static image or (as recommended) a GIF when submitted.
  • A minimum issue of 101 cards for the next drop. No maximum.
  • No websites, QR codes or links should be in the artwork (unless prior approval).
  • Artwork thumbnails must be 48×48, and must be a PNG. We recommend compressing the thumbnail using TinyPNG.
  • Do not distribute assets before submission, they will be rejected.

Submit a Card for Review

I agree that I have read and understand the Spamgelo directory submission rules at

Hello Spamgelo

To get in touch directly with Spamgelo you can do so via the Spamgelo Twitter account @DankSpamgelo, although DM’s are busy and items could be missed. Directly via Telegram @Spamgelo, for regular updates join the Spamgelo telegram group below.