Spamgelo has been built and hand crafted from the best binary your CPU and GPU could process with the goal of bringing the fun and kek back to xchain. Here’s some frens that need credit, because without them Spamgelo would not be possible. Kudos and credits to the following disciples, craftsman and believers:


A genius creator of the likes Web3 is not ready. Believed in the vision of Spamgelo and helped to create The World of Wonder, after a string of simple Twitter DMs. Thank you ser. Twitter: @TheExmoorBeast


An absolute mastermind of xchain, cypherpunk and early supporter of Spamgelo. Keep the chain alive and support J-Dog in all he does. Thank you ser.

Twitter: @JDogresorg

Chris Storm

The first creator on Spamgelo other than Spamgelo. Chris trusted Spamgelo with his wears, took a chance, made an awesome card. A true pioneer and believer Counterparty and new art. Thank you ser.

Twitter: @ChrisStorm_


Creating a fake directory that is taking xchain by storm and crafting the first sublime, non-spamgelo derivative (ROSSSPAMDONG). Thank you sers.

Twitter: @SuperRareRares


Thanks goes out to Tommy in him allowing Spamgelo to use the anon mask PFP he originally built, Spamgelo made some minor hoodie tweaks. Creators, crediting original artists when it is CC0 can go a long way. Spamgelo invested in the original before making his derivative. Thank you Tommy, ser.

Twitter: @YungGucciT