How to Buy

Below Spamgelo has documented exactly how you can get your hands on an official Spamgelo work of crypto art, or “NFT”. Following this process will also allow you to purchase any other XCP (Counterparty) asset, or NFT, such as a “RarePepe”, a “FakeRare” or any other number of other Bitcoin NFT projects.

The following process of “how to” should be clear for both seasoned XCP veterans, BTC Whales, n00bs and normies alike, because with Spamgelo, we are all as one.

Let’s go and buy our very first Spamgelo.

1: Download

Download FreeWallet, this should be downloaded from Make sure you only this URL. This is the primary wallet you can buy, sell and create XCP (counterparty) assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

FreeWallet is, as the name suggests, free. It is a stable, safe, robust and open source Bitcoin wallet that has been used by Bitcoin NFT users since 2017. Using FreeWallet is where you’ll be able to buy, sell, trade and share your Spamgelo cards.

There is a mobile app available (Android and IOS), but the most reliable experience is to use the desktop app on Windows or Mac.

Once downloaded simply install FreeWallet on your computer. It’s a simple straight forward process.

2: Fund your FreeWallet

Fund your FreeWallet with Bitcoin from an Exchange. To view your Bitcoin FreeWallet address click on the QR code in the top right of the FreeWallet application.

Here you can click “View Address” and a pop up will display a QR code showing your Bitcoin wallet address beneath it.

Using the QR code or the wallet address string is fine. It is recommend you fund your FreeWallet with at least $200 USD.