Knowledge Base / FAQs

You have questions? Great, you should find the answers you’re looking for on this page. If not, feel free to reach out to Spamgelo on, Twitter.

How to get in to the Spamgelo Directory?

Spamgelo and The Disciples will accept or reject card submissions as soon as possible. We aim for 48-hour approvals. You will be notified via the email spamgelo [at] protonmail [dot] com for acceptance and rejection. Please add this email to your “allowed emails” list; some of our mail goes into “spam” KEK!

If provided, we will also notify via Telegram and Twitter.

You must follow the Spamgelo ruleset. Submissions must meet the technical requirements, listed here.

Please wait for your submission to be accepted or declined into the Spamgelo directory before submitting another entry.

Any cards shared or sold before approval will not be eligible for submission unless granted an exception.

How Many Cards Can or Should I Issue?

The minimum is updated for each drop on the submissions page, ensure you do not go lower than the listed issue number for each drop, if you do, your card will be rejected. There is no maximum card issue number.

Remember, this is fun. We fully support artists making money, however Spamgelo is planning to be around for a long time, to make a historic directory. If all cards submitted are only low issue, we all miss out on some of the fun within the space. Lower issue numbers also mean lower trade amounts.

Trading and swapping cards is part of the experience within the XCP space, it can be fun and can help you to build out your Spamgelo collection, or trade with other collections and cards.

Think about card numbers being part of the meme and your submissions.

Spamgelo will accept lower issue cards for repeat Spamgelo artists with prior approval. More info to come. All in good time frens. Now let’s have some fun!

What Dimensions are Required?

Spamgelo is completely open to any size and format.

Spamgelo needs a 400×560 cover card to keep things organised for display purposes, and a 48×48 PNG for the XChain thumbnail. We also recommend including a “HD” 800×1120 version of your work. Creating in 800×1120 (or larger) and sizing down works well.

If you have other plans, sizes and dimensions, try it out. For more technical card requirements check out the Submissions page, here.

How Do I Submit A Spamgelo?

That’s easy, once you’ve read and understand the rules on this page, click on the “submissions” page in the top menu or click here, or on the button below to submit a piece of work to the Spamgelo directory, today.

What are the Rules of Spamgelo?

The first rule of Spamgelo is that you do not talk about Spamgelo.

The second rule of Spamgelo is that you DO NOT TALK ABOUT SPAMGELO. KEK!

Just kidding. The rules of Spamgelo are clearly listed on the “rules” page, here.

KEK CLUB art work by @SkifeHam.

How Do You Configure Your JSON?

Spamgelo is encouraging .JSON to be used as it is intended to be displayed on xchain.

Currently many assets are using HTML to display assets inside the “description” field. This is a “hack” method. The description field is technically only supposed to be used for text.

The asset should be placed inside the “Digital Artwork” field.

We are only using the description field for video until a video field on xchain is added.

This “hack” will eventually be turned off, in turn breaking all images placed in the “description” field.

For this reason we’re not encouraging adding images or HTML into the description box, (unless it’s video) because eventually, all of these assets will break and all of them will need updating.

Future proofing our directory assets so they’re not needing to be updated in years to come is important to us.