Spamgelo is all about bringing the lols and the keks. To keep things in order Spamgelo has some basic rules and general housekeeping. As the great Pablo Picasso once said – “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Learn the rules of Spamgelo, let’s begin.

Rule #1: KEK

Your card should be funny. The judge of “funny” will be Spamgelo and his disciples. Let’s not lose track of the fun in this space. Make people laugh. Cryptocurrency is cool, but making people laugh is way cooler.

Rule #2: Any Meme

Spamgelo accepts all memes as equal. Spamgelo is not exclusive to any particular meme or character. Your submission does not have to be a Pepe, although Spamgelo and Pepe are very good friends, we’re not “exclusive”.

Your submission to Spamgelo can include any of the meme characters. Everyone loves Pepe, but in Spamgelo’s World of Wonder we also love Trolls (Problem?), Hams, DogeDog, Wojaks, Like a Sir, Y U NO, Smols and all other frens. Let’s build new things.

Be clever, make people laugh. The opportunities are endless.

Rule #3: Artwork Specifications

Please submit your work ready to publish. The artwork should not be minted. Spamgelo recommends you send the artwork for review, wait until accepted or rejected. If accepted, mint it using the instructions you’re supplied.

Spamgelo is open to trying many new things, but please adhere to the Technical Specifications on the submissions page.

If a card requires cutting, trimming, editing or any technical adjustments, it will lead to directory rejection. Submitting cards and artwork with the correct technical specifications leads to a clean submission process.

Rule #4 Good Content

Spamgelo is edgy. Let’s keep it “kek” and “funny”. Anything that’s simply to “too far” won’t make the cut. Anything that has had little or no effort, won’t make the cut. We’re building a directory of Great Wonder, together, let us make it so.

Any questions, to clarify specific ideas or cards, please ask @DankSpamgelo on Twitter.

Rule #5 No Prior Distribution

Do not pre sell or list your asset.

You should not have sold or listed the asset prior to directory submission. If the submission rules are followed correctly this should not be an issue.

If an item has been sold or listed prior to your Spamgelo Directory submission it will be automatically rejected.

We wish to have artwork made and minted specifically for the Spamgelo Directory.