The Spamgelo Story so far...

Spamgelo was born from a meme created by “Spamgelo” himself. Spamgelo has since become the embodiment of meme culture while embracing the counterparty community, the natural home of Spamgelo.

Since the creation of “DANKSPAMGELO“, I. GENESIS, Card 0, in March 2022, there has been a community outcry for a Spamgelo directory. Telegram groups lit up, and communities united as one for the dream of a Spamgelo directory to come to fruition.

Spamgelo knew his goal, a directory of Great Wonder, he must create. So with that, Spamgelo got to work. Spamgelo stayed true to his art for weeks, building and crafting a gallery alongside the finest Web3 and counterparty craftsmen Pepecash could afford while creating his vision. After many dank nights, Mempools maxed out, and divisible cards burned… Spamgelo finished building his dream. A directory of the like no one had ever seen before, open for all to behold true wonder.

Spamgelo’s World of Wonder was born. Welcome to the ultimate meme collection… Welcome to Spamgelo.

Featured Cards

Series I GENESIS - Card 3
Artist - Spamgelo
69 Issued
Series I GENESIS - Card 13
Artist - Mandarinemarie
69 Issued
Series I. GENESIS - Card 27
Artist - Harold Harambe
101 Issued