During the “Great Build of ’22”, Spamgelo encountered many challenges along the way.

Forging pixels together and painstakingly crafting “Spamgelo’s World of Wonder” was no easy task.

This is why, when Spamgelo spotted a masterful work of art, worthy of the housing within his World of Wonder, it kept the fire burning from within.

It helped Spamgelo, to push on and keep building, to make his directory a reality.

Take a moment to look closely at the fine detail in that “glitch art” brush work… Magnifique!

ROSSSPAMDONG was the first true DANKSPAMGELO “derivative” worthy of listing within the World of Wonder. This work of art is now housed within the archives of the incredible Kaleidoscope directory.

Kaleidoscope houses thousands of untold wonders, of which, ROSSSPAMDONG is one.

If you are quick you can still find some ROSSSPAMDONG artwork on the open market at the point in writing this scripture. I suspect, it won’t be available for long.

Crowns, helmets and hats off. Raise your chalice and toast to the Dank Creator “INDELIBLE TRADES” for creating this excellent piece.

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View, or buy ROSSSPAMDONG on xchain, below.