gm lords, ladies gentlemen and frens of the kek.

Something special dropped today. Although Spamgelo GENESIS is now closed we’ve had one single spot open for a final artist we’ve been chasing down.

Today, we finally baked that bread.

For the sake of Spamgelo lore, GENESIS is still 69 legendary assets, but if you check out Series 1 we have one final GENESIS entry.

Ignore this “Alpha” at your peril.

Please join Spamgelo and The Disciples in welcoming Yoni T. (@BerniTerenzi) into Spamgelo GENESIS. https://spamgelo.io/series-1

Yoni T. baked up PEPEBAGUETTE for Spamgelo GENESIS and broke bread with Spamgelo. It’s been a long time coming but we finish off the series and wrap up the season with an OG classic bringing Spamgelo, RarePepe and Memes full circle as we enter the next phase.

Yoni T. is a RarePepe OG, and the CREATOR of RAREPEPESS aka “SlamDunkPepe”, the first EVER sportsNFT with a current floor price of 3.169 ETH, (at the time of posting – “69”, it was written to be so, kek.) Well… Yoni T. Is back and he’s back with a Spamgelo.

Welcome card 69, PEPEBAGUETTE. Welcome Yoni T. to the directory of legends that are all Spamgelo GENESIS artists 🙏 🐸

Go and give Yoni a follow and say hi, also check out the goods on xchain: https://xchain.io/asset/PEPEBAGUETTE