GENESIS Submission Tips

Five tips for submitting cards to the Spamgelo GENESIS directory. This isn’t a foolproof way to guarantee entry into the Spamgelo directory, but, it could dramatically improve your chances:

Keep the Quality High

Keep the card quality high. This is the GENESIS Series of the directory. We’re looking for high quality production cards and premium KEKs for maximum meme. If the quality is degraded for effect and purpose of the card, it will be considered. Low quality cards that don’t meet the technical requirements, will be declined.

Make Cards for Spamgelo

Cards should be made for the Spamgelo directory. Rejected cards from other directories will be rejected here.

Spamgelo GENESIS Series 1, is free to submit. We’d like to think you’ve made the effort to create something for the directory. In turn, our goal is to make something really special for all Spamgelo artists, and the crypto art community.

Who’s Peen Is That?

When using the image of a peen, get creative, be original, using the same image as DANKSPAMGELO is one way to “meme” a card, but if it’s a unique idea, try out a unique image.

If your work is different, take the opportunity to make something new. Check out the first ten GENESIS cards, or search in Google, KEK.

The Spamgelo Ethos

Well thought out, smart, funny submissions bless the World of Wonder with maximum KEK.

This is what Spamgleo is looking for and this is the road to enlightenment frens.

Rejected or Declined?

Spamgelo giveth and Spamgelo taketh away.

Work rejected? Resubmit, try new work, new ideas. Rebuild what you have. All submissions are generally great. But remembers frens, Spamgelo is curating “A World Wonder”.

Have fun, make people laugh and use rejection as a chance to improve and try again.